TestoGen vs PrimeMale (Comparative Test) ǀ Which T-Booster Is Best?

TestoGen VS PrimeMale: Which Is The Potent T-Booster?


Testosterone- the key male hormone-is quite hyped about its benefits. Undoubtedly, the continuous natural secretion of the hormone is the secret behind the impeccable strength and extreme energy in your early life. Go through the comparative Test of TestoGen vs PrimeMale to have a better idea about the testosterone and T-Booster.

However, as you hit your 30’s, the level decreases and several problems start arising. Low stamina, the energy level at bottom and strength at the lowest are some of its prior signs. If you have any of these signs- the alarm is ringing for you.


That’s not too much to worry about. With advanced and intensive natural T-boosters you can get your testosterone level back.

Well, such two products that ruling out the market are TestoGen and Prime Male… but who’s got the ultimate power of testosterone boosting. For that we have analyzed the product on some major factors side-by-sides, to see which the best between both.

Let’s start with quick comparison to get the Best Testosterone Booster 2019!





Quick Comparison Between TestoGen vs PrimeMale


Major Benefits

Key Benefits 

Best Using Period


Money-Back Guarantee

Official Website



Per Bottle

Updated Stamina with bulkier muscle size

Improved focus both at work and play

Eradicates irritability, exhaustion & extra body fat

Converse loss of stamina and  poor libido

Muscle building with increased testosterone

60 Days

Fast & Free Shipping

60-Days Money-Back Guarantee



Per bottle

Massive lean muscle mass with elevated strength

More weight loss especially stubborn belly fat

Enhances mood & improves your self-confidence

Sharpens focus & improves cognitive functions

Elevated energy with better T-Level

90 Days

Worldwide Free Shipping

90-Days Money-Back Guarantee


This quick comparison of TestoGen Vs Prime Male has given you a brief idea about the supplement. Still, it’s not enough to decide which of the T-boosters in two, the best is.

So, we will move forward and examine the product on five major aspects to evolve best in both. Let’s have a look over these factors

  • Formulation
  • Ingredients Quantity
  • Dosage
  • Ingredients quality
  • Key Benefits & Features
  • Packs & Prices

Now, let’s enter in the next segment checkout which T-booster has got the maximum efficient formula.


TestoGen vs PrimeMale: Who’s Got the Best Formula?

Well, in terms of formula both the supplements have got a series of potent ingredients present in their formula. Basically, this ensures that these products are packed with constituent’s combination that can work for you. But with which you are gonna exhale the ultimate benefits?

This is gonna be a quick fight between the testosterone boosters. Let’s start with Prime Male!!

TestoGen Ingredients: Triple Action Formula

The advanced formula of TestoGen has an impressive blend of three major ingredients which are regarded as the best T-booster- D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, and Vitamin D.

Testogen Ingredients

The supplement has not only the power to perk up the testosterone product but they work impeccably great as sex-enhancers:

Panax Ginseng & Fenugreek, specifically, deliver theoretically modest T-boosts. Also, the TestoGen Ingredients elevates your strength to the extreme and improves your libido. Plus, Panax’s lift in DHT matches with Fenugreek’s boosting the manly hormone.

Well, in terms of mood, you are gonna say wow. The supplement has got a variety of vitamins (B2, B5, and B6) which is sure to make you feel good. Besides that, it helps you get more testosterone with which comes greater energy and better mood.

Moreover, it’s got zinc, Bioperine in abundant about to get you boosted testosterone level.

Simply, The Test Formula Has Got The Real Testosterone Boosting Powers!!

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Prime Male Ingredients: The Multiple T-Boosting Synergies

The supplement has got some real astounding combination of ingredients which makes it position static among the best in the market. The T-booster blend has major T-boosting elements which include: D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Mucuna Pruriens, Vitamin D, and Boron.

Moreover, it has got a 9x+ T-boosting Synergetic. This means it directly & indirectly stimulates testosterone production by counteracting T-binding SHGB, preventing estrogen, and intensifying T production.

Undoubtedly, the supplement has an awesome formula. K2 potentiates D3 which expands the effects of Magnesium’s; Nettle and Boron nullify SHGB in 3 diverse ways to get it done completely.

Basically, we can say the supplement can get your testosterone on track.

Prime Male Ingredients

After comparing the two-testosterone products, we can say both have the real power of T-boosting. However, TestoGen is slightly ahead when it comes to benefiting users. The supplement does not only perk up your T-levels, but it also deals with the low energy, stamina and mood which are prominent effects with low testosterone levels.

On over a glance, the product seems subtle and simple; nonetheless, it’s got the amazing ingredients formulation which can dramatically reverse your testosterone story!

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Hence, in terms of formulation-TestoGen is a clear winner!!

Heading on further, we will be judging and analyzing the quality of TestoGen Ingredients and Prime Male formula. This will let us know which product has got sound and strong formula which knelt down your lower T-level.




TestoGen vs PrimeMale Ingredients Quality

At this point, you might be thinking about what it is?

So far, you have seen TestoGen is clearly better PrimeMale. Technically, you can say that TestoGen has already won-it’s the best testosterone booster of the town.

Undoubtedly, both the supplements are packed up with potent and powerful ingredients which can fire up your testosterone products.

However, in terms of an exceptional ingredients combination and appropriate dosage-TestoGen is the ultimate testosterone booster.

Well, here we are talking about the content quality in the product. Both the T-boosters either it is TestoGen or PrimeMale, are natural. All the ingredients present in the formula are 100% natural. Moreover, the products haven’t got the proprietary blend means all the ingredients are listed. Hence, this ensures safety factors.

Henceforth, in terms of safety both the products have got no chills… so; in these aspects, the two supplements are best in their kind.

Now, we would check out the key benefits of both the testosterone-boosting supplements. This will again help get the brief idea which product is going to best for our specific requirement.


TestoGen vs PrimeMale: Which Will Benefits You The Most?

Well, both the testosterone is basically formulated to get you an impeccable boost in your T-levels. However, these supplements have got more than perking up your male hormone level.

But, what’s a T-Booster have really to do?

An ideal T-booster won’t just stop after amplifying the numbers of free testosterone. But, such a product would work beyond to elevate your strength, mood, and stamina. And all of these are gonna help you in bulking up massive muscle!

So, let’s started with TestoGen…

TestoGen Benefits-Revolutionary Testosterone formula

Testosterone boosting is for sure assured with the supplement. However, besides firing up your T-levels, the product has got some other task to get with. Have a look here:

  • Elevating Your Strength And Stamina By Bulking Your Muscle Size
  • Sharpening Your Focus And Concentration Whether At Work Or Play
  • Eradicating Exhaustion And Excess Body Fat
  • Improving Your Stamina For Better Performance And Recovery
  • Enhancing Muscle Size And Tone With Boosted Libido

And much more!!

Clearly, TestoGen doesn’t stop boosting your testosterone level. With promising T-levels, you get ultimate strength, stamina and impeccable power to do big every day at the fitness center.

So, this was every minute benefit of the TestoGen testosterone boosting supplements. Now, we’ll have a sneak peek in the benefits claimed by the other testosterone booster Prime Male!

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Prime Male Benefits

The hyped T-booster has got some specific powerful in ingredients in its formula. Yes, it boosts your testosterone levels, but besides that, the supplement has got some powerful benefits to yield. However, you can better get to know its benefits by going through the Prime Male Testimonials and real customer reviews.

Let’s have a glance over it:

  • More-leaner and stronger muscle faster
  • Shed excess body fat weight
  • improved optimal cardiovascular health with controlled blood pressure
  • overcome exhaustion with improving energy and stamina
  • boosted mood helps gain new confidence
  • Improve concentration and enhance cognitive function

Well, these were the major PrimeMale benefits you can get with the T-booster. Simply, the product is a set of some astounding advantages that only comes which such a natural testosterone booster.

So, these were the two-testosterone boosting supplements with their specific benefits. However, which is the best here?

After comparing the benefits of the product with their respective users, we found some interesting facts. The users of either supplement have got significant results in terms of testosterone. Yet, TestoGen users have nailed it!

Their T-levels had a drastic change in lastly to get at MAXIMUM. Apart from that, they enjoyed extreme strength, intense power, and immense stamina.

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So, in this term, TestoGen, clearly, wins.

Lastly, we will be comparing these two-testosterone boosters based on their price. We will see which in the supplement is cost-effective with the bestset of benefits.


TestoGen Vs PrimeMale: Which Is a Potent T-Level Booster?

Till now, we’ve seen that in the two testosterone-boosting supplements- TestoGen is the best. Well, here, we would be comparing both the product in their prices and packs.

Either of the testosterone-boosting supplements can be bought in three packs mainly.

Here is a quick price comparison:


First Pack

Second Pack

Third Pack


1 Bottle (120 Capsules)

Sufficient for a month


3 Bottles of TestoGen (360 Capsules)

Enough for 3 months


3 Bottles + 2 FREE + E-Book & Booster Drops (600 Capsules)

Appropriate for 5 months



1 BOTTLE (120 Capsules)

Sufficient for a month


3 bottles of TESTOGEN (360 Capsules)

Goes for three months



Appropriate for 5 months



1 Box

Sufficient for a month


2 Boxes of PrimeMale + Free UK & USA Shipping

Enough for 2 months


3x Boxes of PrimeMale + 1 FREE + FREE Worldwide Shipping

Appropriate for 4 months



Clearly, if we calculate the average of the three packs of the two-testosterone booster the TestoGen in cheaper in the first pack. For the second pack, you have to pay around $37 for a single bottle whereas for prime Male its $69. Again in the second pack, TestoGen in much cheaper.

In the third pack, you get 5 TestoGen bottles for $ 179.99 which means for a single bottle you will pay around $36. On the other hand, the third combo of PrimeMale, you get four boxes at $207 that means a single pack cost for $ 50.

So, on concluding, we can say that TestoGen is way cheaper than PrimeMale. Moreover, it’s the best testosterone-boosting product available in the market. With T-booster supplement in your, all your T-problems will vanish.

Lastly, we have shared our final verdict don’t forget to see what our experts have got to say.


Final Verdict: Which Is The Best Testosterone Booster-TestoGen Or PrimeMale?

Significantly, both of them has an impeccable formulation and undeniably acts as efficient testosterone boosting supplements. However, when it comes to picking out one, we will go with TestoGen!


Well, the supplement is an advanced formulation of several potent and powerful testosterone-boosting herbs. Altogether the blend emerges as a revolutionary formula which boosts your male hormone-like crazy. Lastly, you have the ultimate testosterone level.

Key Benefits of TestoGen:

  • Bulky And Sound Muscle Gain
  • Improved Protein Acceptance By Muscles
  • Extreme Fat Loss And Lean Muscle Gain
  • Better Recovery Time And Enhanced Performance
  • Best Legal Alternative To Sustanon, A Dominant T-Boosting Steroid
  • Contain 12 Potent Ingredients
  • Best Result At Least Price

What More Can You Expect From A Testosterone Supplement?

With this, all your question including “Does TestoGen Really Work” got answered. So, that was all. We hope that you have got all the required information and details you were looking for. Which testosterone supplement are you going to buy? Tell us in the comment box now!

Boost Your T-Level with the Most Potent Testosterone Booster Supplement!!
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If you’re still confused about the benefits of TestoGen and PrimeMale, then click on the button right below. Through this, you’ll get a clear idea of the benefits of these supplements.

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