Pole Dancing Fitness: Amazing Health Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is often linked with shady performances and strip clubs.

But what you might not be aware of is that, like any other fitness regime, pole dance is a fun and exciting way to lose your excess calories.

Pole dancing for fitness is gradually gaining its popularity for the immense benefits it possesses.

You don’t always have to hit the gym, workout for hours, sweat like pigs, or constrain your diet to get a toned body.

There are several other, more exciting activities that can help you get similar results.

One such activity is pole dancing. And it isn’t just for ladies.

Men who like to break the stereotypes and indulge in fun activities; pole dancing is perfect for them.

Pole dancing combines high-intensity strength-based training along with cardiovascular exercises. It involves isometric muscle contractions and muscular contractions.

It covers all aspects of your body and gives you a full workout.


What are the Muscles Targeted During Pole Dancing?

The modern pole dancing is a combination of Indian and Chinese routines along with other exotic dance elements.

It gives you a full-body workout and results in a toned profile.

Pole dancing for health involves different movements that target different muscles and help in the faster breakdown of fats.

Pole Dancing

Arms and shoulder

The muscles of your arms and shoulder are highly worked upon.

Since you will be hauling up and balancing on the steel pole with all your body weight, your arms, forearms, shoulder, and biceps go through a tenuous exercise.


Core and abdominal muscle

Staying up on the pole requires a good deal of balance.

The lifts and upside-down movements of the pole fitness target your core and abdominal muscles.

It resists your belly area and gives you a flat and toned belly.



As you climb, invert, and recline your body on the pole, your upper back, and lower back muscles are exercised.

It helps you get rid of fats and provide you a toned back.

Movements involved pole dancing strengthen your back and reduces the risk of injuries during workouts.


Lower body

Pole fitness involves jumping, pivoting, squatting, along with moves like high kick holds, serpents, and body roll.

These movements target your legs and increase their strength. Also, hands-free moves exert large strength over your entire lower body.

It targets your thighs, calves, hip flexors and helps you get a toned butt.

Various types of moves target the different parts of your body.

You undergo a whole-body fitness exercise while practicing pole dancing.


What are the Key Benefits of Pole Dancing As Exercise?

Pole dancing is now considered more a sport than a mere entertainment source.

But can pole dancing help you lose weight?

Pole dancing is a fun exercise that helps you lose weight gracefully.

Several types of research have shown that pole dancing can help those with chronic pains.


#1: Fat burning

it is the most crucial benefit of pole dancing. Pole dancing is a very effective way to lose weight faster.

You lose approximately 400 calories per hour of each pole dancing session.

The figure might vary from person to person, but it is still a much quicker process to get rid of your fats.

It involves strenuous muscle workouts and requires a good amount of energy.

Studies revealed that an hour of pole dancing requires the same amount of energy as you would spend during a rigorous body pump class.


#2: Builds endurance

Pole fitness involves moves and exercises that target your core muscles. It boosts your metabolism and improves your endurance to a great extent.

The best part is that you don’t even realize the number of efforts you are putting into these exercises. You dance and lose your weight.

It is far better than many strenuous slow-workouts. It makes you fit and healthy.


#3: Pole Dancing Improves flexibility

Pole dancing requires you to be flexible. The warm-ups and movements like twisting your body, climbing up the pole, and other dance moves stretch every part of your body.

You become more bendy and flexible. Suspending your body from the pole improves your grip.

It strengthens your elasticity and boosts your bones and ligaments.

It also prevents instances of back pains, stiff necks, and muscle soreness.


#4: Better Joint Mobility

joint pains are very common and persistent problems suffered by many. Particularly women face the risk of osteoporosis as they grow old.

It is mainly due to a lack of movement that joints start to resist. Pole dancing helps to increase your joint mobility and enhances your movement.

It reduces the risk of osteoporosis in women and boosts your bones and muscles.


#5: Builds muscles

Weight training is a part of pole dancing. You learn to support your entire body weight with a single arm.

It strengthens your arms and upper body along with your abdominal muscles.

Climbing up the pole is way more difficult than doing bicep curls. It requires you to use the strength of your arms and legs.

This process helps in the development of muscles and gives them a firmer shape.


#6: Muscle toning

Unlike in other weight lifting exercises, you lift your body weight in pole dancing.

This strengthens our muscles and increases it in proportion to your body mass. Hence, you develop tight, compact, and toned muscles.

There are many other health benefits of pole dancing apart from aiding in your weight loss, improving your flexibility and endurance, and building your muscles.


Other Health Benefits Pole Dancing


Boosts self-esteem

Once you learn the basics and strengthen your muscles a bit, you will easily develop some serious skills.

Your body will begin to change for the best.

You will feel confident and your confidence will get reflected in your walks and bodily postures.


Reduces stress

One of the biggest benefits of pole dancing is that it helps you improve your psychological, mental, and emotional health.

Adrenaline is released in your body when you get stressed. It is this hormone that makes you feel anxious, sad, and depressed.

An intense session of pole dancing flushes out all the adrenaline and increases the production of endorphins.

Endorphins help you erase all the negativities and enhance your mood. It makes you calm and relaxed.


Pole Dancing Improves motivation

Weight loss can often be challenging. When you workout day in and out but do not see any visible changes in your body then it leads to frustrations and a lack of motivation.

Pole dancing helps you burn fats faster, it improves your stamina, endurance, and you feel sexy.

You can see and feel a positive change in yourself. It further motivates you to work harder and achieve your body goals.


Improves blood circulation

Pole dancing involves the use of every muscle in your body. It engages every part of your body and improves your blood flow.

It maintains the proper functioning of your heart and reduces the health risks associated with it.

Proper circulation of blood ensures sufficient energy in every part of your body.

It is very essential for those who spend long hours sitting on the chair with almost zero movements.


Increased metabolism

Pole dancing involves exercises and moves that require a lot of energy.

Therefore, to meet the need of your body’s energy requirement, your metabolic rate is heightened.

Also, pole dancing diet ensures you eat small amounts of food several times a day.

This in turn reduces the formation and storage of excess fats in your body.


Improves kinesthetic awareness

Kinesthetic awareness is your brain’s ability to analyze your body’s positions and movements to your surroundings once you start performing and practicing more complex moves of pole dancing, your kinesthetic awareness gets increased.

It helps you reduce the chances of injuries due to common accidents like bumping into stuffs.


Pole Dancing Improves balance

Pole dancing is a game of balance. It requires a lot of balance and concentration to support yourself on the pole.

Pole dancing improves your body’s balance and posture. It thus decreases the chance of accidents like falling, slipping, etc.


Easier pregnancy

This is one of the most unknown advantages of pole dancing.

Pole dancing involves a lot of muscle works. It strengthens your back and abdomen.

Such kinds of training develop a strong back and flexible abdomen that reduces back pains during pregnancy. It helps in safer childbirth.


Better sleep

Sleep is as important as is a daily exercise for a healthy body. But it is the rate that people follow a sleep routine.

Lack of sleep makes you irritable and reduces your concentration. It decreases the quality of your performance.

Above all, inadequate nights of sleep cause a lot of health risks.

Pole dancing makes sure you fall asleep once you hit the bed. It helps you get quality sleep and keeps you healthy.


Conclusion: Pole Dancing For Weight Loss

Pole dancing is an effective and fun way to lose extra calories. You get a slimmer body along with improved body strengths, stamina, endurance, and toned muscles.

Pole dancing is not confined to physical benefits alone. It improves your mental and emotional state. Your confidence is renewed.

You feel good about your body. You learn a new skill that enhances your body postures, movements, and gives you a sexier appeal.

Pole dancing is one of the best ways to gracefully eliminate excess fats and attain a toned, slim, strong, and sexy body.

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