Top 10 Sneakiest Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism & Elevate Fat Loss

Want to reduce body fat and boost metabolism?

These 10 secrets will help you to speed up your metabolism naturally and lose weight.

You would have heard of people complaining about slow metabolism eating less and still gaining weight.

On the contrarily, there are people who can eat like anything and still don’t gain weight as a result of a fast metabolism.

Even if their diet includes a large portion of junk it just doesn’t affect their figure.

Whatever the cases are, people in both scenarios end up saying, “It’s not fair!”

Also, you would find a few questions revolving around including:

  • What’s the exact role of metabolism in weight gain or weight loss
  • Does it depend on your genes? If so, can it be enhanced through exercise, medication, or certain foods?
  • Is metabolism important just a myth? Does weight gain entirely depend on “calories in and calories out?”

Well, the answer to these questions comprises a blend of nature (genetic make-up) and nurture (the environment).

Nonetheless, through this blog, let’s try to find it out.


What Is Metabolism?


Metabolism of metabolic rate is classified as a series of chemical reactions creating and breaking down energy necessary to live.

In simple words, it’s the rate body uses energy or burn calories.

Our body burns calories in numerous ways.

  • Through the energy needed to keep the body functioning while being idle. Also, termed as your basal metabolic rate (BMR), it somewhat depends on the genes you inherit.
  • By everyday chores
  • Physical activity

Well, metabolism considerably is genetic and largely out of someone’s hand to control.

Trying to influence it externally involves considerable debates.

Some people are really lucky with the inherited faster metabolism gene.

Not only these prevent weight gain but they can eat as whatever they want… Whereas people with a slow metabolism has to suffer.

Another way, we can assume metabolism as a car engine this is always combusting.

So, when you are doing nothing like sitting still or sleeping, the car’s engine is also idle like at red light.

However, a certain quantity of energy is in use to keep the engine running.

Of course, our fuel isn’t gasoline but the calories we get with the food we eat and the beverages we drink.

This provides our body with the energy used right away or stored as fat for further use.

How rapid the engine works on average, over time, determine what amount of calories you burn.

If your metabolism is fast enough, you would shed more calories at rest and while doing daily chores.

Also, it means you have to eat more to maintain your body weight. Well, this is why some people don’t gain weight even after eating like crazy.

On the contrary, a person with a low or slow metabolism burns fewer calories at rest, and also during the workout, it can make you overweight.

Nonetheless, you can influence your metabolism by bringing change in your lifestyle habits.

Just go through to ramp up your metabolic activity for awesome weight loss.


Top 10 Ways To Boost Metabolism

As said, metabolism is a chemical reaction keeping your body functioning and provide adequate energy.

Also, it means how many calories you burn. The higher your shed the calories, the higher your metabolism is, the easier it is to lose weight and maintain a good shape.

In simple words, by stimulating metabolism by increasing physical activity can enhance your weight loss.

Here, check out the 10 easy ways to boost your metabolism.


#1: Eat Plenty of Protein at Every Meal


Eating food elevates your metabolic activity for a few hours. Well, this happens due to the thermic effect of food (TEF).

It occurs due to the extra calories consumed resulting in the urge for digestion, absorption, and process on nutrients encompassed in it.

In fact, protein results in the highest rise in TEF.

Actually, it can surge your metabolic activity by 15-30% comparatively for carbs which are 5-10% and for fats lying under 0-3%.

Also, protein consumption makes you fuller for longer and revert from overeating.

A study over a small group found people are likely to eat 441 fewer calories per day if when protein made 30% of their daily diet.

In your next meal don’t forget to add lots of proteins Foods That Increase Metabolism.


#2: Drink More Cold Water


People who rely more on water instead of sugary drink are comparatively more successful in losing weight and keeping at bay.

Well, there’s simple logic, these sugary drinks have lots of calories lessening their consumption is eventually decreasing your daily calorie intake.

Nonetheless, drinking water can for a short period fasten your metabolism.

Studies found drinking 17 ounces of water elevates your metabolic rate by 10–30% an hour.

In fact, this effect can be further augmented if you switch normal water with a colder one. In this scenario, your body utilizes body temperature to heat it up.

Also, it makes your fullers and studies even found it effective in reducing your food cravings.

A study concluded overweight adults who drank half a liter water before having a meal lost 44% weight more than those who didn’t do it.

How To Increase Metabolism Without Exercise?

Guess, you have got the answer— just drink water.


#3: Do a High-Intensity Workout


Physical activity can be a great way to elevate workout.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be very effective in it as it comprises quick and very intense activity.

Well, it enhances fat burning by improving your metabolic rate even after you finish your workout.

In fact, the effect it produces is higher with it compared to any other physical activity.

The best thing is it has got science backed by for its efficiency in fat burning.

A study among obese young men found over 12 weeks of HIIT workout, these people have lesser fat mass by 4.4 pounds (2 kg) and belly fat by 17%.

So, to boost metabolism just get with HIIT.


#4: Lift Heavy Things


Muscles are more metabolically active than fat, and developing them can increase your metabolism.

Eventually, you would burn more calories ever without doing anything.

Lifting weights help you retain muscle and fight drop in metabolism leading to weight loss.

In a study over 28 overweight females having 800 calories each day while doing physical activating found amazing facts.

After meals, they opt to resistance training to maintain their muscle mass, strength, and metabolism.

Not only they had lost weight but reduces muscle mass and a drop in metabolism.

So, working weight is important to get real results.


#5: Stand up More


Sitting in one place for longer is really worse for your health.

Surprisingly, experts have termed it as the new smoking which is making addictive to a large population.

Evidently, this major reason behind the slow metabolic activity and weight gain.

Compared to sitting, standing a whole afternoon can help you burn an extra 174 calories. You can make it helpful for yourself, keep taking short breaks, and stand.

Also, you can switch to a standing desk to get a real difference. In fact, several standing desk kits and setups are available online.


#6: Drink Green Tea or Oolong Tea


Green tea and oolong tea can increase your metabolic activity by 4-5%. Well, these convert some stored body fat into free fatty acids leading to an elevated fat burning by 10-17%.

Furthermore, being low-calorie beverages, drinking them would be good for weight loss and weight maintenance.

Their metabolism-boosting features can prevent the drop in weight loss caused due to slow metabolic activity.

Nonetheless, some studies didn’t find sound facts approving the metabolism-boosting properties they have.

So, might be their efficiency are quite small or work on only a few people. You can grab a pack of online.


#7: Eat Spicy Foods


Looking for Foods That Increase Metabolism And Burn Fat?

The spicy one is the best. Pepper has capsaicin having extensive metabolism-boosting properties.

Conversely, many people can’t have it at the doses effective in getting results.

A study over capsaicin intake on acceptable doses found eating it would burn 10 additional calories per meal. Over 6.5years, this can be 1 pound (0.5 kg) of weight loss for an average-weight male.

Using it alone might not get you impressive results.

However, incorporating it with other metabolic strategies can get beneficial results.


#8: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Good Night Sleep

Recently, studies have discovered a lack of sleep as a major reason for increasing the risk of obesity.

Well, this is because of the negative effects of sleep scarcity on metabolic rate.

In fact, some studies found it as the major culprit behind increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Both of these can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Also, it boosts the hunger hormone ghrelin and lessens the fullness hormone leptin.

This is why people who sleep less feel hungry all the time and struggle to lose weight.


#9. Drink Coffee


Caffeine present in coffee can boost metabolism by 3-11%. Similar to green tea, it promotes fat burning.

Nevertheless, it works more for lean people.

A study discovered the fat burning elevated by 29% by coffee consumption in lean women but it was only 10% for obese women.

Obviously, the metabolism-boosting properties of coffee can effectively contribute to successful weight loss.


#10. Replace Cooking Fats With Coconut Oil


Unlike other saturated fats, coconut oil is comparatively very high in medium-chain fats.

Actually, Medium-chain fats upsurge your metabolism more compared to the long-chain fats present in foods like butter.

A study found medium-chain fats increase metabolic rate by 12% whereas the long-chain fats increased by just 4%.

As coconut oil has a unique fatty acid profile, switching it with other cooking fats can get your modest weight loss benefits

Well, these were some natural ways you can enhance your metabolism with.

However, there is a supplement claiming to surge your metabolic rate at a high pace.

Is there any truth in this matter? Find out in the next section…


Do Weight Loss Pill Work To Boost Metabolism?


One of the major reasons metabolism doesn’t work fast is improper nourishment.

The deficiency of nutrients can lead to a slow metabolism.

A weight loss supplement effectively provides your body with equipped necessary required nourishment to make your body burn fat rapidly.

Apart from just boosting your weight loss, the supplement does more. It subsides your cravings and beats hunger like crazy.

Eventually, this reduces your daily calorie intake which is beneficial for faster weight loss.

Next, what this supplement focuses on is supply constant surge of energy so you cope with daily chores.

Evidently, the elevated energy level you cross your limit every time you hit the gym.

Also, you see a significant decimation in irritability and fatigue with the use of the best weight loss pills.

All in all, weight loss supplements get you proper weight-loss support and yes we can say they work.

However, not every product claiming such a result leads to differences. You need to be picky when choosing.

Always prefer natural solutions and check some testimonial to confirm its real worth.


The closing…

Metabolism is tricky this its nature and nurture. Having a slow one can be quite problematic in terms of losing weight.

However, we have covered all the major ways you can cover used to ramp your metabolic activity.

Using weight loss supplements can be a better way to achieve your goals.

So, which option is probably going to implement. Do share in the comment section!

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