The Best Science-Based Cutting Diet For Less Fat And More Gains

Have you bulked up? It time to cut some unnecessary flabs, cutting diet for weight loss can be of great help!

Cutting is a popular workout technique helping you to get leaner and more in a frame.

In fact, this fat loss phase is highly utilized by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to acquire a perfectly ripped and tone physique.

Generally, the cutting phase begins a few months prior to the main workout regime. It includes a properly planned diet intended to maintain muscle mass as far as possible.

Well, if you are planning to go ahead with this phase, cutting diet for weight loss can be of great help.

In this blog, we have covered up every ins and outs of the diet plan to help you out.

Before we head-on with our guide, let’s understand what’s cutting diet is actually?

What Is A Cutting Diet?


A cutting diet is generally followed by bodybuilders and fitness fanatics.

This promising diet plane helps you reduces your flab significantly while maintaining muscle mass.

Well, what makes the diet plan distinct with rest is it objection goal and working procedure.

The diet plan intends to work on the need of an individual.

With greater consumption of proteins and carbs, while having a focus on weightlifting, the results are remarkable.

While you are on cutting diet, weight lifting is a must on a regular basis.

The reason being its ability to promote muscle growth and fighting muscle loss while you cut down calories.

A cutting diet plan lasts for 2-4 months. However, you can make the time period smaller or greater depending on your goal to become lean.

More often, people times the diet plan around an athletic event, bodybuilding completions, or occasions like holidays.

Of course, following the diet plan make you leaner in every possible way.

While trimming the unnecessary flabs, it maintains the muscle mass in your body.


Cutting Diet For Weight Loss: What You Need to Focus On!

In bodybuilding, the cutting phase is typically underrated.

However, the entire period plays a critical role in the complete development of your physique.

Cutting means to eat in a way reducing your fat accumulation while maintaining your muscle mass to provide with leaner frame.

However, cutting your meal plan all of a sudden won’t work and might lead to adverse effects.

Actually, you need to go ahead with cutting diet with proper planning with details.

In this segment, we have shared some key points you require to focus on while being in the cutting cycle.


#1. Up Your Water Intake


Of course, water intent to make you look more bloated. However, it has more perks and advantages while you are in the cutting cycle.

Firstly, a greater intake of water keeps you up form starving. Hence, with a controlled appetite, you exclude extra calorie intake.

You can have a few glasses of water with a small meal to keep yourself full.

 Not only this helps you subside your appetite but keeps hunger pangs at bay despite less calorie intake. 


Plus, additional hydration keeps your energy up while you sweat at the gym.

Hence, you would be able to push a little harder to burn more and more calories.

Thirdly, replacing water with soft drinks cuts down the empty calories which give you nothing.

Not only it maintains your calorie intake but it is also economically good.

When drinking soda or any sugary drink would cost you bucks, water is a free drink, adding no unnecessary calories to your body.


#2. Cook Your Own Meals


Most bodybuilders and fitness fanatics become acknowledge with their kitchens as a matter of need.

Whether you quickly learn to add taste or not, cooking your own meal makes you aware of what’s in it.

Of course, no one can understand your goal with every meal you have.

While cutting, excess salt or sugar in readymade meals and takeaways can hamper weight loss.

However, cooking your own meal can eliminate all of these risky choices.


#3. Avoid Catastrophising Cheat Meals

Avoid Catastrophising Cheat Meals

Eating calorie deficit is a tough task at hand. Of course, there is a point where even the most seasoned bodybuilder falls apart.

In those circumstances, having an over-the-top cheat meal or cheat during the week, can hinder your effort to a great extent.

If this occurs, the goal is not to get into what psychologists say catastrophizing, or thinking the worst.

Just because you have cheated on your diet plan, don’t say “Okay I’ll get back to my diet tomorrow / 3 days from now / next week.”

This kind of thought will subject you to repeated cheat meals until you don’t get back on the line.

So, forgive yourself for the time being and move forward with your cutting diet.


#4. Increase Your Calorie Deficit With Cardio


While in the cutting phase, you are already aware of your calorie level and how you are going to be a calorie deficit to lose weight.

With that, by performing the hard cardio exercise, you can further elevate your metabolism and burn more calories.

Eventually, this additional work will get your additional perks.

You will lose weight faster and also make up for days you have overeaten.


#5. Increase Lean Muscle Tissue To Help Your Cut


Bulking up muscle also helps burn fat.

In fact, doing heavyweight, low rep workouts can build more lean muscle mass comparatively.

More muscle tissue heightens your metabolic activity and pushes the fat burning rate ahead.

In simple words, the more lean muscle mass your bulk, the better you are going cut.

Ditch your plan to have a squeezed body instead of a plan of reshaping it by means of cutting diet for weight loss.


#6. Avoid Sugar

Avoid Sugar

All sugars are sugar. However, refined and processed fats or carbs should be avoided on priority.

Sugar quickly gets absorbed by your body to utilize as energy.

Besides, an excess amount of it is stored as fat.

Nonetheless, while following your cutting diet, you need to cut down your sugar intake. Eat food rich in fibers and proteins.

Eating clean simply means excluding sugary meals from your diet and relying on veggies and proteins mainly.


#7. Drink Caffeine – In Moderation


Caffeine can significantly elevate alertness and concentration. Obviously, this helps you to focus on your cutting cycle.

Still, when it comes to the consumption of caffeinated drinks or products, you need to put extra care.

Don’t’ overdo it. Take a coffee or any caffeinated drink in moderation.

You can also combine your evening coffee with some protein-filled snack. 

Further, we suggest not on exceed the daily recommended intake of caffeine which is 400mg.


#8. Cut Down On Cooking Oil


While preparing your meals, you won’t realize what amount of calories you are adding to your meals.

Actually, cooking oil contains a high quantity of trans fat.

Usually, people put lots of it without noticing the extra calories it is adding to your cutting diet for weight loss.

So, from now onwards, whenever you hit the kitchen to cook your meal pay extra attention to the number of cooking oils.


#9. Maintain Protein And Fibre Intake


Protein is the most vital micronutrients of all when it comes to cutting.

Of course, the shredding diet for females and males is going to make you miss carbs.

However, with higher protein intake you would build muscle rapidly resulting in greater metabolic activity.

This is why, cutting diets usually have greater protein content. Protein like Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) provides you with more protein with lesser calories.

In fact, they are available in several flavors adding taste to your mouth.

Besides, fiber is another important micronutrient you need to add in your cutting diet meal plan.

Just add raw veggies to your diet. Snacking this way will make you fuller for longer without adding many calories.


#10. Be Ready To Deal With Hunger


In order to have a leaner frame, you would feel hungry more than usual.

In fact, cutting would test our patience and endurance. You are going to feel hungry when you are idle at any time of the day.

Moreover, don’t go for cheat meals with mindless snacking or eating anything that you shouldn’t.

of course, at the end of the day, cutting is your own choice to look better and leaner.

Hence, keep that goal in your mind all the time an build up a mindset to achieve your goals.

Well, these were prominent points you need to consider before you move ahead with an extreme cutting diet.

However, how are you going to plan your entire meal plan?

To help with this, we have shared some major meal ideas with which you can create your entire Cutting diet meal plan.


Cutting Diet Meal Plan & Idea


Eating right is mandatory, if you want to get in shape.

While in the cutting phase, you need to pay extra attention to what you are feeding in.

To help you in creating your meal plan, we have shared some meal ideas, you can mix –match to create your daily meal routine.

Here’s what you can have for specific timing.

You can select one meal from the succeeding list each day:


Breakfast Options 

4 scrambled egg whites, 2 slices wholemeal toast (approx. 410 cals) Ham, mushroom, and spinach frittata (approx. 230 cals)

50g whole grain porridge, a handful of blueberries and a protein shake (approx. 340 cals)

Breakfast smoothie with banana, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, water + honey (approx. 130 cals)

Asparagus soldiers with soft boiled egg (approx. 186 cals)

Whey protein pancakes (approx. 111 cals per pancake)


Morning Snack Options

Any single piece of fruit or handful of berries (cals vary)

Banana (approx. 100 cals)

A handful of nuts (approx. 160 cals)

1 cup edamame beans (approx. 250 cals)

Promax Lean Bar (approx. 206 cals)


Lunch Options

Extra-lean ground beef, cauliflower and brown rice (approx. 300 cals)

Chicken wrap with tomatoes, cucumber, olives and hummus (approx. 243 cals)

Chicken, brown rice and broccoli (approx. 300 cals)

Grilled courgette, kale, pepper and humous wrap (approx. 332 cals)

Chilli with Quorn mince (approx. 275 cals)


Post-Workout Snack Options

Almonds (approx. 160 calories per 22 almonds)

Greek yogurt (approx. 59 calories)

Apple and almond butter (approx. 270 cals)

Promax Lean shake (approx. 240 calories for a 2 scoop serving)


Dinner Options

Chicken burger with wholewheat bread + fried egg (approx. 500 cals)

Beef stir-fry with brown rice (approx. 400 cals)

Singapore noodles (approx. 415 cals)

Tuna steak, two sweet potatoes, broccoli and asparagus (approx. 350 calories)

Chicken stew with quinoa and beans (approx. 330 cals)

Low-calorie chicken korma, replacing cream with yogurt (approx. 376 cals)

You can try these major meal ideas!

Just select one form each section to create your daily cutting diet meal plan.

Moreover, there is some key question you would hear with shredding diet, here’s an analysis:


Does Meal Timing Matter?

Does Meal Timing Matter

Well, meal timing is a well-developed strategy for muscle building, performance, and fat loss.

Of course, it has greater perks and advantages for competitive athletes, it’s not as vital in terms of fat loss.

For example many research suggests endurance athletes can elevate recovery by timing their meals and carbs consumption around exercises.

However, this isn’t vital for the cutting diet.

Instead, you need to focus on having whole food.

Also, you need to have an abundant amount of calories, carbs, protein, and fat throughout the day.

If you feel hungry frequently, a high-calorie breakfast will keep you full for longer.

Timing meals has no effects on the cutting diet for weight loss.

Still, it may enhance results for endurance athletes with their workouts.


Cheat Meals And Refeed Days

Cheat Meals And Refeed

A cheat meal or re-feed days are commonly present with any diet.

Also, it has been incorporated with a cutting diet for weight loss.

Cheat meals are available for occasional indulgences to ease up the strictness over a diet.

On the contrary, refeed days ramps up your carb intake once or twice every week.

Greater carb intake has numerous benefits. This includes restoring the glucose stores in your body, elevating performance during a workout, and balancing hormone secretion.

For example,

Research replicates that a higher carb day can elevate the level of hormone making you feel fuller ‘leptin’.

Also, this can temporarily boost your natural metabolic activity.

Of course, with a cheat meal or refeed day, gaining weight is evident.

However, this tends to be water weight which you usually lose in the next few days.

Still, these days make you overeat and reduces your weight loss efforts significantly.

Furthermore, these routines lead to unhealthy habits, particularly when you are subjected to emotional eating.

So, we can conclude cheat meals and refeed days aren’t that necessary.

However, if you are adding them to your cutting diet meal plan, you need to plan them carefully.

These tend to hinder your weight loss in progress.


Cutting Diet For Weight Loss FAQs

Still, there are numerous other questions that people usually refer to as cutting diets.

Here, we have tried to answer them all…


#1: What Should You Eat When Cutting?

Well, cutting diet for weight loss intents to make you slimmer in a healthy way. In fact, this meal plan focuses on shredding fat accumulation while preserving lean muscle mass.

Hence, you need to include such eatable in your diet serving the same goal. Add more and more protein as it promotes metabolism helping you to burn fat faster and rapidly.

Moreover, include fiber in your meal while cutting carbs and fat intake.

Besides, you need to exclude the unnecessary sugary intake instead you can have water.


#2: Which Diet Burns The Most Fat?

When it comes to burning fat, you need to have a diet with a low-fat meal. This is the only way you can shred of the fat rapidly and quickly.

Moreover, a low-crab diet drops insulin levels and actually trims more fat than later. However, cutting diet intents to lower your fat and carb intake. Eventually, this perks up your metabolic rate rapidly and you burn fat faster.

Hence, when it comes to losing weight and especially fat, we suggest you go with cutting diet. Still, proper planning and mindset are required before you head-on with the diet.


#3: How Do I Cut Fat Loss?

To cut fat, you need an overall effect. Hence, you need to incorporate a proper diet with a properly planned training program.

For this purpose, cutting diet can serve best as it lowers your fat and carb intake.

By making your calorie deficit and boosting metabolism with elevated muscle building, it makes you fat burning faster.

Next, you have to work on your physical activity!

Besides, you need to add a have a properly planned training program. You can do cardio exercised and even High-Intensity interval Training.

Also, doing weight lifting can elevate fat loss as it promotes muscle building which in turn boosts fat burning.


#4: How Can I Get Skinny In 6 Weeks?

Getting skinny is possible but in 6 weeks that’s argumentative!

Getting skinny entirely depends on what’s your current weight is.

If you have lesser weight, you would get skinny faster in comparison to one having 100 pounds weight.

Also, losing weight depends on the efforts you put. You need to be alert about what you are feeding. Besides, you need to work out properly in order to lose fat faster.

Well, with an average weight, following a rigorous weight getting skinny in 6 weeks may be possible. However, what’s more, important than losing weight is maintaining it.

Of course, this requires long term change in lifestyle and eating habits. Without this, even after losing, you might end up gaining more.

Hence, we suggest you progress with weight loss slowly to get long term results. In fact, working out for 2-6 months depending on your current weight can get you awesome results.


#5: How Can I Shred Weight Fast?

Losing weight by averting your meal won’t ever be possible. Instead, a properly planned diet and workout program can work tremendously.

In fact, cutting diet for weight loss is best for this purpose. Incorporating it with a planned training program can get you stunning results in a lesser timeframe.

Further, weight lifting and higher protein consumption can further enhance your results.

Doing so boost muscle building and the more muscles, you have in your body, the better your metabolic activity will be.

Obviously, this in one go will promote weight loss.


#6: How many calories should I eat when cutting?

Most of the experts suggest that lessening around 500 to 750 calories per day can help you cut fast.

In fact, with this rate you tend to lose 1-2 pounds of weight every week.

Further, you can use a weight loss calorie goal calculator to know what amount of calories you eat. However, ensure that the calorie you are having comes from clean food.


The Bottom Line

Cutting diet intents to heighten your fat low while preserving your muscle mass.

The diet mainly relies on a calculative intake of protein, fat, and carb depending on your current weight and lifestyle.

In fact, you can go with cutting diet a few months prior to athletic even.

For best results incorporate it with weightlifting.

Also, you can contact a professional trainer and dietician for a properly planned cutting phase.

Of course, this would be the best way to get the result.

Still, have queries?

Just drop them in the comment section, we would love to answer them for you.

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