Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review – Results, Side Effects, Dosage

Does Instant Knockout really work to burn your body fat and get a ripped physique?

Check out Instant Knockout before and after weight loss pictures with real user reviews…

Instant Knockout is a natural fat burning supplement based on the latest scientific research.

This cutting edge formula has the potential to burn your body fat just like the professionals

Sounds really good…


Is it all true?


According to the studies, the active ingredients in Instant Knockout fat burner are effective for burning fat, preserving muscle, boosting energy.

And when paired with a healthy diet and exercise it will help you lose fat more efficiently and quickly.

Countless people are losing weight and reshaping their overweight issues with all-natural, clinically proven Instant Knockout diet pills.

Don’t just take it from us. Read these Instant Knockout customer reviews with their real-life before and after pictures.

Find out for yourself from actual Instant Knockout users that have cut fat, suppressed appetite, boosted energy, got fit, and now have a body they are proud of.

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Instant Knockout Customer Reviews

Instant Knockout Customer Reviews

I think it’s best to stick with professional Instant Knockout reviews sites when looking for real user testimonials and before and after pics.

User testimonials that you see on other websites have limited value; you don’t know what their standards are; how accurate their assessment is or what they expect.

Even you can’t be sure that they were using the right fat burning supplement.

However, Instant Knockout testimonials can give you a clear idea of what kind of results you can expect from this fat cutter.

If you have hundreds of people all sharing their thoughts about a product, you can form a rough idea of whether or not it works.

Besides, if they provide Instant Knockout before and after pics to prove that they’re telling the truth, then all the better.

Fortunately, Instant Knockout pills have a dynamic fab base!

Here’re some of the best Instant Knockout Customer Reviews [with pictures] posted on the official website:


Instant Knockout Fat Burner Before And After



It changed my life for GOOD!

ANTHONY Instant Knockout review

Hey fellas, I have used Instant Knockout for around 1 month and unbelievably gained the energy and concentration it gave me throughout the day. In a very little time span, I managed to lose 5+ kg and lost centimeters all round. Now my body is definitely more defined and muscles feel leaner since I started using this product.



Best Product Ever!

SABRINA before and after

In the beginning, I was skeptical of trying this supplement as I have used many other diet pills without any results. So after trying different weight loss pills, finally I gave this a shot. The outcomes were pleasantly surprising. I started seeing results within a week! After using it for a month I was so pleased with the results. I recommend Instant Knockout to everyone.



Changed my life and confidence

KAROL testimonial

Hey, my name is Karol-Ann and I was 135 pounds. I started taking Knockout pills for 2 months and after its consistent use, I lose 15 pounds. So I am happy with the results and now I have more energy. Also, I feel better than before. I would recommend you to take this product and combine it with exercise & a good eating plan. Instant Knockout will help you have the physique that you want.



I wanted a body I was proud of…

JAY before and after

I have been working out and lifting weight for about 2 years. Recently, I have gained some muscle but it didn’t help me lose weight. The fat is still on my body. I searched around for a fat burner and end up buying Instant Knockout, the best-rated diet pills. I bought a 4 month supply and after a couple of weeks of taking this supplement, I had a lot more energy. Before I started gyming 2 – 3 times a week, to 4 times per week. After 3 months I lost fat and gained muscles. No, I feel a lot more confident hitting the beach.


Mind-Blowing Results!

These users experienced a huge reduction in fat deposits and claimed that it’s one of the best fat burners that REALLY does work.

There’re literally dozens of Instant Knockout before and after pictures on the product’s official website.

They all come with real-life user reviews of the people who have used the Instant Knockout supplement.


If you’re interested in checking out some more of the testimonials with before and after pictures then visit the Instant Knockout official website.


Continue reading to know Instant Knockout fat burner weight loss results after 4 months…


Instant Knockout Results


Based on numerous customers’ reviews and before-after pics I have created a short description of my research on Instant Knockout review before and after.

The following results have been created on the basis of its user’s experience of using this weight loss pill.

The average success rate of this fat burner in helping people to lose weight is 91%. People who started taking it was having around 18% body fat and was at 85kg (187lbs).

[Here I’m talking about some selected users including both men and women].

I‘ve summarized instant knockout results (after 4 months) below:


Month 1

At first, the customers who bought the Instant Knockout fat burner seemed impressed with the bottle than the actual capsules.

For them, the bottle was a badass fist, and after taking the capsules they started experiencing the results.

In the first month, their motivation and energy level was higher. In my research, I found that people were taking 4 pills a day (recommend dosage).

Month 2

By the start of the second month, most of the users lost 1.5kg.

While taking this fat burner people also followed their diet plan and done a regular workout which helped them get fast results. It was definitely the combination of these two factors.

After seeing these quick results, they started taking training on Instant Knockout more seriously.

They also cardio to their workouts of HIIT at the end of each session.

Month 3

By the start month 3 people using Instant knockout pill reported to lose 2kg (4.4lbs) – That’s 3.5kg (7-8lbs) in 2 months, with all muscle mass still intact.

Throughout month 3, people were getting a more aesthetic face and a leaner body.

They were started getting the physique they always wanted and was pretty excited to see what they will look like at the end of the 4th month.

Month 4

By the end of the course of Instant Knockout, people reported losing a further 2.5kg.

Overall after using this diet supplement for 4 months, people lost 8kg (17-18lbs).

They also succeeded in shedding their 18% body fat, and now it’s somewhere around the 8-9% range.

It was really far better than their expectations.

They now admit that this is the best they’ve looked in their lives.

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Overall my research says –

These results were not only because of Knockout pills but the diets and workouts added the edge that allows them to push further than usual and cut serious weight to get the amazing body they always wanted to be proud of.

The appetite suppressing property of this product allowed the user to stay on their low-calorie diet, whereas the thermogenic properties helped with burning more calories

In addition, natural stimulants raised their metabolic rate and kept them motivated and energetic when gyming.

These three amazing features of Instant Knockout pills helped achieve great results.

So, after analyzing Instant Knockout before and after results I can safely say this is the #1 Rated Fat Burner on The Market for weight loss.

Was that interesting?

Well, the amazing facts about the top-notch fat burner don’t end here.

In fact, its working mechanism is equally interesting.


How Does Instant Knockout Work?


When it comes to a fat burner, its working mechanism is equally responsible.

Obviously, it plays an essential role in the efficiency of the weight loss supplement.

The fat burner claims to kick your fat-burning rate to ascend weight loss.

Well, what we loved about the weight loss supplement was its exceptional managing power to get you explosive fat burning.

At the same, the synergy of the ingredients is mutual amongst them.

  • Green tea + caffeine = Performance, amplified fat oxidation, and Booster metabolism
  • Cayenne + glucomannan = Fires up fat burning and stimulates appetite suppression
  • Green coffee + glucomannan = prevents carb absorption and stabilities blood sugar leading to further appetite suppression.
  • Black pepper + everything else = Each ingredient is automatically made much more potent.

Keeping these data into account, we can see Instant Knockout fat burner has one of the finest formulae.

Well, standing tall among the traditional way of weight loss, it’s a new-gen blend that puts you in rigorous fat-burning mode.

Eventually, you get results faster and quicker than earlier.

Furthermore, each ingredient has scientific backing having successful fat-burning properties.

Also, the blend gets approved as safe in several clinical trials. The only nitpick is slighter less quantity of a few Instant Knockout Ingredients.

Perhaps, if they were in excessive amounts, the Instant Knockout Price would have skyrocketed.

Even so, the fat burner delivers extensive weight loss.

Obviously, with a fat burning supplement like this, you are obviously thoughtful of perks and advantages.

Let’s see what you would receive as Instant Knockout Benefits.


Instant Knockout Fat Burner Benefits


Instant Knockout intensifies your fat-burning ability to get you stunning weight loss.

In fact, it knocks out every bit of fat accumulated in the body. Formulated for MMA wrestlers and bodybuilder, the fat burner

The fat burner enables you to shed off your wanted fluffy figure to adorn a completely ripped physique.

Obviously, all of these benefits are the result of your fat-burning pushed into rapid mode by this knockout fat burner.

But wait!

The weight loss support system goes beyond and provides you with exceptional weight loss.

Here’s what you get as Instant Knockout Benefits.

#1: Gain Lean Muscles

Most of the fat burners while cutting your fat also shed off your lean muscle mass. However, Instant Knockout functions as a cutting supplement reducing the fat while preserving your meal muscle mass.

#2: Fastens Fat Burning

The fat burner harnesses your metabolic activity as a top priority. Henceforth, your fat-burning rate intensifies and you lose weight like crazy.

#3: Thermogenic Effect

The fat burning supplement is eminent for its extensive Thermogenic effect. Well, this is what helps the supplement to provide you with incredible weight loss. It perks your body temp to boost fat burning.

#4: Unbeatable Energy

Dieting deprives your ability to workout as energy keeps on draining. However, Instant Knockout energy surging ingredient keep this at notice. Hence, you have no issue in a workout with an intense energy level.

#5: Faster Metabolic Activity

The fat burner moves your metabolism in full swing. With intensified body functions and elevated thermogenesis, your metabolic activity reaches the top spot.

#6: Suppresses Appetite

One of the worst parts of weight loss is dieting. However, the weight loss supplement makes it easier for you with its appetite suppressive effects.

In fact, it reduces cravings and snacking in-between meals to reduce your daily calorie intake.

Well, Instant Knockout by triggering every facet of fat-burning provides with complete weight loss.

Meanwhile, it contributes to handling lean muscle mass working as a cutting supplement.

Henceforth, by cutting flab and targeting every area restricting weight loss, it gets you an extensive result.

In fact, it makes it easier to lose weight by getting such amazing advantages.

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However, along with these tremendous Instant Knockout benefits, are there any chances of side effects?


Instant Knockout Side Effects

One of the main concerns with using fat burners is safety. There’re a lot of harmful products out there.

Many of the diet pill manufacturers stay anonymous and they fill their supplements with low-quality and cheap ingredients that will only end up making you sick.

Some weight loss supplement actually poses serious risks to health, although these tend to be a lot rare today.

 Note: Shopping from third-party retail stores can be worthless as the weight loss products available on GNC, Amazon, or Walmart are mostly fake. 

However, buying fat cutters directly from the official website will only end up getting a genuine product.

But it doesn’t mean that those products are 100% safe. The fat burners carefully need to be evaluated before you use them.

Is Instant Knockout Safe

So, Is Instant knockout Safe?

Diet supplements do have some or the other side effects, however, their magnitude varies.

Instant Knockout is not any different. The extracts used in this product can also be commonly found in several weight loss pills available in the market.

However, many of the Instant Knockout ingredients can have potential side effects.

One of the most prominent negative side effects of using this fat burner emanates from the caffeine (the active ingredient in Instant Knockout).

The unroasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and can cause the following potential side effects…

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia

So if you’re a caffeine addict then I’ll suggest quitting drinking coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks or meals.

In a nutshell, the Instant Knockout fat burner is safe and effective with its all 100% natural and safe ingredients.

The manufacturer behind this weight loss pill does not use any low-quality ingredient and synthetic nutrients.

The supplement is clinically tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

This means that you need not worry about the possibility of consuming any dangerous level of stimulants.

According to the manufacturer claims, the ingredients make the product safe and powerful. Also, the supplement is made in cGMP and is approved by the FDA in the USA and UK.

However, it’s advisable to always start taking knockout pills with a low dosage in order to test how it works on your body.

After that, on the assessment of how your body responds, you can increase the dosage but remember, it should not exceed the recommended dosage (4 pills a day).


Instant Knockout Dosage – How It Should Be Taken?


The manufacturer of Instant Knockout recommends taking 1 capsule of this supplement, 4 times per day.

One knockout pill in the morning, one before lunch, another in the noontime, and the last one you should take before your evening meal.

The company claims that Instant Knockout fat burner is manufactured in the US and UK, in GMP certified facilities.

Moreover, the product is being formulated by the team of nutritional experts and scientists from around the globe.

As such, the Knockout diet pill is claimed to be completely natural and safe to be taken on a daily basis.

However, the company does not recommend taking any other stimulants while taking this supplement.

Also, in order to avoid insomnia, the manufacturer recommends taking the last dosage of your Instant Knockout than 5 hours before bedtime.


Based on customer reviews, testimonials, and before-after pics, it’s safe to say that Instant Knockout fat burner is a purchase-worthy investment.

After going through this post, I hope it’s clear to you whether you should buy this fat burner or not.

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Instant Knockout FAQ’s

Always there is some common question with these fat burners among people. Here we’ve tried to address all of them.

Do have a look!


Q1: Who Is Instant Knockout For?

Anyone wanting to lose weight!

However, you need to be at least 18 to use the fat burning supplement.

As it has a very strong formula it can be hard for underage folks.

In fact, the fat burner is specifically designed to support the fat burning need of bodybuilders and athletes.

So, the fat loss results speed up in a natural, safe and extreme mode.


Q2: How Long Will Your Order Take To Arrive?

The Manufacturer has its distribution centers established in the USA and the UK.

Well, the focus on delivering your orders as quickly as possible.

In fact, orders placed before 2 pm EST or 2 pm GMT (depending on your location) are delivered the same day.

However, orders placed after it gets in the dispatching process the next day. Further, orders made on the weekend are put in deliver mode out on Monday.

All parcels are sent with a tracked shipping service. For more details on shipping information visit their shipping and returns page.


Q3:  Which Countries Do They Send To?

The manufacturer delivers worldwide. In fact, they ship the orders regularly to the various parts of the world.

If you live outside of the USA, your parcel is shipped from their UK depot by Royal Mail tracked.


Q4: Is It Safe To Order From Official Website? 

Well, it’s completely safe to order from their official website.

In fact, it has several security features to make it a more secure platform.

The cost appearing at the checkout page in the only cost you would be billed for.

The company doesn’t bill you monthly or ever again unless you have ordered more packs.


Q5: Does Instant Knockout Contain Any Stimulants? 

Yes, Instant Knockout comprises natural stimulants.

Hence, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend its consumption with any other stimulant products.

However, it won’t keep you awake at night or cause sleeplessness if you follow the instructions.

You have to take your last dose at least 5 hours prior to hitting the sacks.


Q6: Will I Pass A Drugs Test After Taking Instant Knockout?


Instant Knockout fat burner doesn’t encompass any forbidden or synthetic substances. So, you would pass your drug test using it.


Q7: Can I Use Instant Knockout With Other Supplements?


You can use Instant Knockout Fat burner with other supplements. However, we don’t suggest taking any stimulants containing products with it.

From the entire discussion, the fat burner exhibits its unique formula triggering fat loss. However, is it powerful enough to give a take on?

Let’s try to understand it through our expert opinion.


Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review — The Conclusion

Wondering does Instant Knockout really work?

Well, from the above in-depth specification of each fact clearly declare it as a working fat burner.

In fact, it has a really good number of favorable customer reviews. Also, the blend encompasses some sturdy and robust fat burning ingredients getting stunning results.

Surprisingly, the fat burner was formulated for the extensive fat burning needs for bodybuilders and athletes.

Eventually, you can expect immense weight loss results. Further, form our evaluation we found it safe, even its dosage on a daily basis is quite decent.

For getting real results, you need a weight loss product supporting your complete support.

With Instant Knockout, you receive the required push for elevated fat burning.

However, to make your weight loss really worth, you need to work on your overall wellness and eating habits as well.

Also, try incorporating physical activities like gyming, cycling, yoga, or any other activity of your preference.

This will take your weight loss to the next level.

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