PhenQ Vs Phen375 | Which Is The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution?

PhenQ VS Phen375: Which Is The Best Fat Burner?

Looking for a kickass fat burner to turn the number of the weighing machine down? Stuck between the two best: PhenQ VS Phen375?

Well, let’s make it clear-both are the best dietary supplement of their kind. However, if you are confused in choosing one your weight loss, we are gonna help you out with our PhenQ VS Phen375 full reviews.

The weight loss products are designed to help you lose weight and carve into the best possible shape you have desired for long. However, with so many claims, talks & reviews it’s impossible to pick the best working slimming supplement.

The modern-day lifestyle has made some so busy and some too lethargic, to put their efforts to work out. Hence, the option they have in their hand is using a fat burner to boost the weight loss with the minimum possible efforts from their end.

Henceforth, the market is flooded with such product all with grand and extraordinary claims just what you want! However, are these alluring promises true or only a marketing strategy?

So, before choosing any weight loss product, you gotta read our detailed analysis of the two most-in-demand fat burner – Phen375 vs PhenQ.

Let’s start with a quick comparison of the two popular fat loss products.

PhenQ Vs Phen375 – A Quick Comparison





General Difference

  • Produced by a reliable and well-known company within the weight loss industry.
  • Very transparent about their formulation and individual ingredients dosage.
  • Ships worldwide for free.
  • Best for folks who wanna lose extra pound faster.
  • Comes from a manufacturer that does not have a detailed presence online.
  • Contains proprietary ingredients, so not sure about ingredients compositions.
  • Domestic shipping prices for $10 and worldwide shipping costs for $24.95.
  • Mainly for overweight or obese.

Medical Studies

  • Boosts metabolic activity, increases body temperature &energy levels
  • Reassures cells to store less fat
  • Reduces excess body fat within a period of 3 months
  • Suppress hunger& cravings – makes you feel full all-day
  • Improve metabolism, heat up the body, increase energy levels
  • Help loses 3-5 pounds per week.
  • Anti-depressant effect for depression during weight loss
  • Overpower hunger – give a full feeling all day.

Any Drawbacks

  • Formulated form natural ingredients- people sensitive to caffeine may have mild side effects.
  • 100% natural ingredients – however, caffeine may be sensitive.

Best Uses

  • Restrain hunger, Improve Mood, Burn Fat, Boost Energy,
  • Improve Mood, Burn Fat, Increase Energy, curb hunger,


(Avoid if)

  • Pregnant, or breast-feeding women
  • Already taking any prescription or other dietary supplements
  • Suffering from liver problems, insomnia, or heart disease
  • Check with your doctor, if you are allergic to  some foods, medicines, or other substances
  • Pregnant, or breast-feeding women
  • Already taking any prescription or other dietary supplements
  • Suffering from liver problems, insomnia, or heart disease
  • Check with your doctor, if you are allergic to  some foods, medicines, or other substances

Money-Back Guarantee

60 days30 days (complicated)

Hunger Suppressant




Weight Loss Result

2- 2.5 pounds per week1- 1.5 pounds per week

Reorder Rate


Consumers’ Reviews


Manufacturers’ Details

  • WOLFSON BERG LIMITED– has a series of nutritional, health, bodybuilding and wellness product to advance your everyday life and to manage your weight and build muscle.
  • RDK GLOBAL– manufacturer and distributor of top marketing weight loss and pain relief natural products. Not much information is available.


$69.95 per bottle

$65.95 per bottle

Visit Official Website


So, this was a short and quick comparison of both the fleeking fat burner. Lemme tell you these fat burners are scientifically proven and admired by the whole bunch of their users.

Well, let’s move forward and see the comparison of their formulation to see which have got the ultimate power of weight loss.


Both products are fat burners and not to your surprise, the formulations are mostly similar. The weight loss products have shared some similar ingredients. However, they also encompass some unique ingredients in their formulation which makes their effectiveness and benefits vary.

Let’s have a look at the similar ingredients.

Similar Ingredients

Below mentioned constituents are in common is both the fat burner. This result in some identical benefits of the weight loss supplements.

  • Calcium Carbonate: Block further storage of new fat cells.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Suppresses hunger and maintains a healthy blood sugar level
  • L-Carnitine: An effective metabolism booster that adapts fat into functioning energy
  • Caffeine Powder: Reduces appetite and improves metabolic activity

These were the common ingredients which are present in these pills. That’s why some of the benefits of the products are found to be similar. However, the product has some distinguishable constituents which make them par ahead and distinctive than the other.

Unique Ingredients in PhenQ and Phen375

Now, let’s have an overview of the ingredient which makes them differ, distinct and best.

PhenQ Unique Ingredients

  • A-Lacys Reset: Advances metabolism.
  • Capsimax powder: It’s a blend of piperine (black pepper extract), capsicum (red chili pepper extract), niacin and caffeine. The mixture acts as a thermogenesis booster, hence speeding up the natural process of fat burning.
  • Nopal: It’s A Mexican cactus which is rich in fiber or amino acids. Moreover, it possesses the power of appetite-suppressing and energy-boosting.

Phen375 Unique Ingredients

  • Cayenne pepper extract: An extract of red pepper which is an operative metabolism booster.
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract: An extract obtained from an exclusive orchid, Dendrobium Nobile Extract is supposed to upsurge energy and motivation during physical activities.
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract (US Formula): A very powerful component for burning fats. It is also usually referred to as bitter orange.
  • Coleus Forskohlii Root (US Formula): Decreases blood pressure to respond to the effects of the caffeine content of Phen375.

Well, after looking on the unique ingredients of both the fat burner, one thing is clear-they really work. However, comparing the formula, we found that phen375 has an outdated range of ingredients. Still, it’s one of the favorite picks among users. The reason is its effectiveness which makes users mad with the results.

Now, coming to PhenQ, we can say that it’s the most advanced and researched fat burner.

It has the cutting edge A-Lacys Reset formula which is scientifically proven for boosting several body functions along with metabolism. Henceforth, you trim down a great amount of unnecessary fat and obtain perfect lean and crave figure.

Clearly, from ingredients point of view-PhenQ is the ultimate winner!!!

Now, let’s move to the next segment to see what these Manufacturers have claimed about their product. After which we’ll examine these claims to the real result of the fat burner. For now, jump to the next segment of PhenQ vs Phen375.


Manufacturers’ Claims

For your acknowledgment, PhenQ is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited which is located in Cyprus. According to their official website, they have been in nutraceutical for more than 30 years. Moreover, they are also popular for other products like Phen24, NiacinMax, and Crazybulk.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of Phen375 is RDK Global located in Dallas, Texas. The fat burner is shipped directly from the same place. Furthermore, they also have another address located in Nottingham, UK (for the UK formula).

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Well, these are a few claims made up the manufacturer of the fat burners. Undoubtedly, the claims don’t sound skeptical after evaluating the formulation of both products. An additional benefit with PhenQ is its capabilities to block fat productions.

In the next segment, let’s check out the real effectiveness of the products to see if they stand out on their claims or not. For further information, scroll down to the subsequent section of PhenQ vs Phen375.


Real Results

After talking to several users of these two fat burners, we have concluded an average result of the product which can be received by any user. We have considered the weight loss results that occurred after three months of products usage.

Further, these results are shared on average, the individual results may vary. We’ve shared the consequences of both products separately, after which we’ve compared their results too. Let’s start with PhenQ.

PhenQ Results

Well, the fat burner has let the world in wonder with its amazing results. On average PhenQ users lost approximately 38 pounds in 3 months on an average. The common PhenQ benefits they have were:


  • Burns the stored fats at a faster rate
  • Lowers your appetite
  • Lessens your daily calorie intake
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Block production and storing of fat.
  • Advances the mood

After this short PhenQ reviews by users, let’s check out the results with the other fat burner Phen375.

Phen375 Results

Well, the fat burner being one of the long-lasting kings in the weight loss market gets users with remarkable results. On average, Phen375 users have lost around 22 pounds in 3 months.

Now, let’s check out the additional Phen375 benefits which the consumer mentioned.


  • Speed up Metabolic Rate.
  • Upsurges Body Fat Burning.
  • Averts Loss Of Muscle Mass.
  • Regulates Levels Of Appetite.
  • Boosts Energy Levels

As a conclusion, we can see both the fat burners have benefited users with a significant amount of weight loss. However, the folk who had used PhenQ had lost more pound then phen375. Besides that, PhenQ has additional possible benefits which are alluring.

In terms of results, we can again firmly see that PhenQ is in the win-win situation. Last but not least, let’s compare the price of both the fat burners to see which is cost-effective and best without being hard on your pocket.


Price Comparison

Well, the fat burner can be purchased in mainly three packs. Here we have made the comparison of all of the pack offered by their manufacturers.

Besides that, we’ve also checked the additional offers and deals which they offer. First, let’s check out their price.

Price Analysis: PhenQ vs Phen375


PhenQ Pricing (Free Shipping)

Phen375 Pricing (Shipping Costs $10 – $24.95)

1 Month Supply$69.95$65.95
3 Month Supply2 Bottles +1 Free: $139.902 Bottles +1 Free: $131.90
4 Month Supply3 Bottles + 2 Free + Advana Cleanse: $189.954 Bottles (With 1 Free Bottle): $187.96


** Advana Cleanse is an additional product by the manufacturer of PhenQ. It is specially designed to eradicate bloating and lean the waistline.


Well, PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The process is simple, if you didn’t get the desired result within 60 days of usage, you can return PhenQ and refund will be processed.

However, Phen375 refund policy is a little bit complicated. You need to prove that you haven’t got any results with it only after which the company approves the refund.

Clearly, in term of price, there’s not much gap, Phen375 is a little bit cheaper in comparison to PhenQ. However, the benefits PhenQ lend is satisfying enough to spend a few dollars more over it.

Further, if you buy phen375, you have to pay shipping charges too which is around $10 – $24.95. This means in the total you have to pay more than the price of PhenQ pack which comes with free shipping.

Clearly, here, PhenQ stands with the Victory signs. Lastly, we have shared our expert advice and our recommendation of the ultimate fat burner.

Expert Recommendation

After this detailed evaluation, one thing is evident to you that of PhenQ and Phen375 both are working and potent fat burners. However, when it’s about picking out the ultimate weight loss product-PhenQ stand out among the two!

The whole discussion might have made it clear to its efficiency. Well, we’ll again mention the major points which make it distinct and the popular fat burner among the people.

What Makes PhenQ The Best?

  • Manufactured by a reliable and well-known company
  • Have an advanced formula which comprises potent fat burning ingredients
  • Transparent about the formulations of the fat burner
  • Stand on its claims
  • Gets you the faster and best weight loss results than any other product
  • Really has Thermogenic effects and Suppresses appetite
  • Also works as a mood elevator and energy booster
  • Every pack come with free shipping means no extra charge to pay
  • Comes with no condition 60-day money-back guarantee making your investment ensured

What more can you expect from a fat-burning product?

Clearly, PhenQ is the best weight loss supplement available in the market. if you are dreaming of the perfect leaner and craved physique- PhenQ is one way to go with!

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