Instant Knockout Vs PhenQ: Which Is The Ultimate Fat Burner Pill?

Instant Knockout vs PhenQ: Battle of Best Fat Burner!!

Instant Knockout vs PhenQ! Are you confused between the two fat burners- which to pick out?

Well, let’s tell you that you have got the two most popular fat burners in the market.

Weight loss is no more a tough task at hand with the working fat burner available in the market. There are lots of slimming supplements that you can use to turn down the number on the scale.

Instant Knockout is the pro boxers fat burner formula available to everyone which is winning the heart of people. On the other hand, PhenQ Weight Loss Pills is a product that has ruled the weight loss industry for decades.

Undoubtedly, both the products are the best of their kind, picking either of them is obviously a win-win situation.

However, when it comes to picking one, it’s no less than a battle.

That’s why; here we would be comparing the two products on various factors to see which one emerges out to be as best.

Let’s start with a quick comparison.

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Instant Knockout vs PhenQ: Quick Comparison

Evidently, fat burners are formulated to aid your weight loss. Still, there are few properties that make them distinct and stand out from others.

Here, we will have a look at some of such aspects of these weight loss supplements.


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Instant Knockout



The product is produced by Roar Ambition. The company has an excellent status in the supplements world. Moreover, all their products are 100% natural which is the reason behind their popularity. Besides IK, they have a popular testosterone supplement-TestoFuel

Fat burner pill used by Pro Boxers and wrestlers.

Provides Thermogenic Fat Burning

Completely Natural and Drug-Free

Increases Focus

Boosts Energy

Suppresses Appetite

Helps to lose 1-2 pounds in a week.

Rare Side Effects

Side effects are uncommon with natural and herbal products.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Extra Shipping charges

PhenQ Diet Pills 



The fat burner is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Which is a very well-known company. They have a lot of other over the counter products which are most popular. The company has two warehouses from which they supply the fat burner, located in US and UK respectively.

The power of multiple weight loss pills into just one.

Burns Fat

All Natural

Suppresses Appetite

Improves Mood

Improves Energy

Helps to 3-4 Pounds in a week.

No Side effects

100% Natural ingredient excludes chances of side effects.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Worldwide Free Shipping


Well, the quick comparison between Instant Knockout vs PhenQ will give you a brief idea of the two fat burners.

Clearly, the two supplements have got grand claims and offer to state themselves as the best.

Obviously, the fat burning supplement works as a helping hand in weight loss. However, this only happens when you pick the right fat burner.

So, further, in this blog, we would take a look at the formulation of both the supplement to see which has got the real power of fat burning.


Instant Knockout Vs PhenQ: Which Fat Burner Has the Best Formula?

Well, the best thing about both the supplement is that they don’t have a proprietary blend.

This means the manufacturer has clearly represented in the ingredient of the fat-burning supplementation.

Moreover, the natural formulation of the supplement makes it safer to use.

On the other hand,  the dosage and amount of the ingredient play a major role in the effectiveness of the supplement .

Both the product has sound formulation with well-known fat burning ingredients in their formulation.

Here, we have discussed the major ingredient of both the product.


Instant Knockout Ingredients

Instant Ingredients list

The fat-burning formula for the Pro Bodybuilders has lots of potent ingredients in it. This only enables it to get such powerful results.

Here, we’ve shared some of the major Instant knockout ingredients. Check them out.

  • Caffeine: A stimulant that elevates metabolism and delivers energy.
  • Green tea extracts: Comprises compounds known as catechins which improve metabolism and naturally comprise a slight dose of caffeine as well.
  • Cayenne pepper extracts: The extracts improve thermogenesis (a process responsible for fat burning by elevating your body temperature). Moreover, it also improves the thermogenic process of your body.
  • GFT Chromium: It’s another effective Instant Knockout ingredient that improves your body to burn your fats into cells.
  • Glucomannan: It acts as an appetite suppressant which comprises a lot of dietary fiber. Besides that, it’s scientifically proven for keeping you fuller for longer hours.



PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ Ingredients List

PhenQ claims to have the power of multiple fat burners in a single supplement. Well, looking at the ingredients it does appear to stand on the claims.

Here, we have discussed the major Ingredients of this fat burner to see the truth.

  • Caffeine: PhenQ Ingredients works as a stimulant to improve your metabolic activity and turbocharge energy.
  • Chromium Picolinate: Well, the constituents control you unnecessary carbs and sugar cravings.
  • Capsimax Powder: Likewise cayenne pepper extracts; the fat burner ingredients by thermogenesis.
  • L-Carnitine: The ingredient is powerful enough to breakdown stored fat cells into energy.

Evidently, PhenQ Ingredient seemingly has powerful ingredients to get such impeccable results.

After looking at it formulation one thing is clear that it can probably make you lose weight faster.

Moving further in the next segment, we would be discussing the PhenQ ingredients.



Clearly, both the supplements encompass powerful ingredients to help you lose weight!!!

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review states the powerful formula of supplements. On the other hand, PhenQ Reviews states about the ingredients that how the product has stood in the market for so long.

The fat burner is formulated from natural ingredients that are proven for their fat-burning power.

Altogether these ingredients yield amazing effects of fat burning. Either of the fat burning supplements is effective enough to help you lose weight.

Eventually, the supplements are made to aid your weight loss journey. However, besides that, the supplement has different benefits to provide.

So, in the next segment of  Instant Knockout Vs PhenQ, we have compared the benefits. 


Instant Knockout Vs PhenQ: What Benefits Can Be Expected?

Obviously, the key feature of the fat burning supplement is to make you lose fat at a faster rate.

Surprisingly, such supplements provide you with a lot of benefits except that which makes your weight loss even faster.

Here, in this subsection, we will take a sneak peek into the major benefits of the two fat burners.

Let’s start with PhenQ…


Instant Knockout Benefits

The fat-burning formula has effects like a pro supplement. With the advanced and cutting edge technology, the supplement has extensive power of amazing weight loss.

The natural and safe supplement provides you with sound weight loss results that last.

Let’s check out the major benefits one can accept from the product.

  • Burn Stubborn Fat – Losing weight is really big trouble with stubborn accumulated fat. The fat burner here shows a real deal.
  • Gains More Lean Muscle– Apart from losing fat you gain more lean muscle mass than earlier.
  • Suppresses Cravings– The supplements perfectly takes down your unnecessary cravings. Controlling your daily calorie intake help you lose weight quickly.
  • Boost Energy– Having a low-calorie diet will eventually take down your energy level. However, the product here has a win-win situation for you by delivering amazing energy.

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PhenQ Benefits

The fat burner has a multi-action formula which stimulates weight loss by focusing on different body function.

Improving all of these results in extremely faster weight loss. The product increases your body temperature to provide you with visible fat burning.

  • Burns Fat Fast– The product fastens your fat burning process by intensifying your metabolism and thermogenesis to get you a slimmer and sexier body ever.
  • Turbocharges Your Energy– The supplements turbocharges your energy level with its energy-boosting ingredients.
  • Blocks Fat Production– PhenQ ingredients block further production of new fat cells and decline further weight gains.
  • Cuts Your Appetite– The product overpowers your unnecessary craving and kills your appetite to make you eat less.
  • Enhances Your Mood– Dieting makes you feel cranky. Well, the supplement has some mood-enhancing properties, which will deal with it.
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The benefits of PhenQ are really thrilling. The product improvises several body functions to provide you with such an impressive weight loss.

Next, we have discussed the major Instant knockout benefits. Have a glance over it in the below segment.

Clearly, both the fat burner has an amazing set of benefits which is going to make your weight loss easier and quicker than ever. This eventually is the result of the amazing ingredients blend of the fat burner.

Well, with the fat burning supplement, users are often worried about the side effect.

So, moving further in Instant knockout vs PhenQ, we will discuss the side effects. 


Instant Knockout VS PhenQ: Do the Fat Burner Have Side Effects?

Side effects are one of the prior concerns on the over the counter supplements.

Well, negative consequences can appear even in the best supplement due to experimental ingredients or allergy in users.

What makes a supplement better than others are the side effects they possess?

So, let’s have a sneak peek in what side effects PhenQ and Instant Knockout fat burner has offered.


Instant Knockout Side Effects

Instant Knockout Risk Free

Again, the fat burner also encompasses an entirely natural formula. So, the chances of side effects or negative consequences are negligible.

Still, if you try to overdose the supplement or you are allergic to any of the ingredients might lead to side effects.

  • Abnormal consumption of caffeine causes agitation, jitters, and insomnia
  • Cayenne pepper leads to stomach irritation
  • Severe difficulties can arise if you take an abnormal dosage.


PhenQ Side Effects

PhenQ risk free

The fat burning supplement is formulated form 100% natural ingredients. Hence, there’s no chance of any harmful effects or consequences.

However, if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or overdose the supplement you might face either of the following effects:

  • Abnormal intake of caffeine can lead to jitters, insomnia, and anxiety
  • Capsimax powder might lead to stomach irritation
  • Digestive issues (diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, gas, and stomach cramps)
  • Nervousness

Well, the supplements are 100% safe to use because of their natural composition. However, side effects are likely to occur if you overdose the fat burning supplement. Moreover, if you have past allergic effects with any of the ingredients, we suggest you consult the doctor.

Moving further, no comparison is complete until we don’t compare the prices of the supplements.

So, here, we would be comparing the prices of the fat burning supplement. This would allow you to see which fat burning supplement is the most cost-effective.




Instant Knockout VS PhenQ: Price?

One of the major factors which help us decide the best product price along with the benefits it has. Eventually, this helps analyze the effectiveness of the fat burner.

Here, we have shared the price of the different packs of the fat burning supplement.

First Pack

Second Pack

Third Pack

Instant Knockout

1x  Bottle

(One Month Supply )

Price: $59.00

2x Bottle

(Two Month Supply )

Free delivery in the USA & UK


Total 2 bottles@ $118

Hence, One @ $59(Approx.)

3x  Bottle +1 Free

(Four Month Supply )

Money-back Guarantee

Free Worldwide Delivery

Price: $185.00

Total 4 bottles@ $185

Hence, One @ $46 (Approx.)



(One Month Supply )

Free Worldwide Delivery

Price: $69.95

2x BOTTLE +1 Free

(Three Month Supply )

Free Worldwide Delivery

Money-back Guarantee

Price: $139.90

Total 3 bottles@ $139.90

Hence, One @ $46 (Approx.)

3x Bottles + 2 Free

+ Free Advana Cleanse

(Five Months Supply )

Free Worldwide Delivery

Money-back Guarantee

Price: $189.95

Total five bottles@ $189.95

Hence, One @ $36 (Approx.)


Clearly, the comparison of the price of the two fat burners depicts that PhenQ is the most cost-effective fat burner.

It gets you maximum benefits at a slighter lower price. On the other hand, Instant Knockout is no less a very expensive supplement.

However, it’s going to put a little more load in comparison with PhenQ. Well, these were the two fat burning supplements that we had discussed.

Lastly, after this detailed inspection of the weight loss products, we have shared our views on them.

You can read over suggestions over PhenQ vs Instant Knockout in the last segment.


The Final Verdict

Weight Loss Comparison

Evidently, both fat burning supplements claim to deliver similar benefits. Moreover, the products don’t share identical ingredients.

Still, after this analysis, you would be clear that the two fat burners really work!

However, when it’s about picking one, you need to seek your individual needs. Here, we have shared a brief insight to help you pick out the fat burner for your specific needs—

Weight Loss with More Lean Muscle Mass…

Well, if you want to lose weight in order to gain more lean muscle—Instant Knockout is the fat burner you should go for. The Pro fat burner supplements can get you more lean muscles.

Overall Quick Weight Loss…

Well, if you want to lose weight all over your body you the best fat burner for you is- PhenQ. The advanced weight loss product will help you lose weight quickly!

Hopefully, you have got all the information you had looking for Instant Knockout vs PhenQ … so, which Diet supplement are you going for PhenQ or Instant Knockout?

Tell us in the comment box right below. However, you can go through Instant Knockout or PhenQ Results to analyze it on yourself.

If you’re still confused and want to go through a quick comparison of PhenQ Vs Instant Knockout then click the button right below.



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